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CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has a significant department called the Training Unit, which focuses to set up and arrange several projects to boost the professional qualifications of teachers. This board has a cataract approach, through which the board assures that the profits of all training programs are made obtainable to all teachers and students in the several schools via the selection and training process of teacher trainers and tutors. 

CBSE arranges training in 2 ways. Online or Offline, now due to Covid 19 pieces of training are done in online mode. Also, teachers can install the Diksha app from the play store and they can take various sorts of training free. They can also view subject-related useful content with video. 

CBSE Training Portal Registration

Candidates aiming to take part in the CBSE Teacher Training Registration can now register online on the platform. The online webpage is set for online registration and all candidates can now register online by following easy steps, which are reviewed below.

Step 1. Visit the official webpage of the CBSE portal.

Step 2. Check out the seat availability and press the “Register” button.

Step 3. Details on the training center, fees, seat availability, date and time, etc. can be discovered on the homepage.

Step 4. A page will appear in which the applicants must choose the option “New registration for solitary candidates.

Step 5. The system regulates the applicant to the registration portal where the user must enter the personal and school details precisely.

Step 6. Now, tap on the Submit link. 

CBSE portal login

Those teachers who wish to sign into the CBSE training portal can now sign in with their ID and password, which are issued by individuals when they register for the Exercise program. Applicants can log in using the simple steps below.

  1. Go to the official webpage of the CBSE portal.
  2. Click on the sign-in option on the portal homepage.
  3. Type the sign-in username and password in the respective columns and then tap on the “Login” option.
  4. Now, the applicant has successfully logged into the CBSE online training portal.

How to download an e-certificate from the CBSE training portal

Candidates who want to download the CBSE Teacher Education Certificate can obtain their certification after finishing the online coaching. Candidates must finish all of the online teacher training programs to get the certification and must also finish attending the certificate. Enrolled candidates must take part in and complete online courses to acquire certification. The CBSE teacher education certificate can be downloaded from the official webpage of the CBSE education site. 

Lead the steps below to download the electronic certification for the CBSE Online Teacher Training Program.

  1. Go to the authenticated webpage or tap to download the CBSE Training Certificate.
  2. Applicants have to press on the program for which the user wishes to download the certificate.
  3. Type the email ID, password, and security PIN, then tap on the log-in button.
  4. Press the option to download the certification.
  5. After clicking the download option, the certificate will be downloaded. 

How can one take part in the CBSE teacher training course?

Teachers, principals, or other school officials who want  to partake in the CBSE training program can follow these steps to register in the CBSE 2022 online training portal:

  1. Visit the CBSE Teacher Training Course Official Portal or select on the official link from CBSE “cbseit .in/cbse/training/”.
  2. Then “Click here to register for online sessions” This link will be displayed on the homepage. Or click on a specific city name that appears on the home page to filter your search for exercise programs by location.
  3. Discover the training program of your choice.
  4. Click the “Register” button for the respective program.
  5. Complete the registration form with the required information.
  6. Complete the registration payment verification process.
  7. Participate in the program at the assigned date, time, and location.
  8. Get the necessary feedback and certification from the board.
  • During the online session, CoE will post the Attendance Link in the Chat Box. Participants must be attentive during the session and fill the same in order to get their attendance marked. This attendance link shall be deactivated as soon as the online session is over.
  • After analyzing the attendance of participants, the attendance shall be marked on the CBSE portal by the respective CoE so that the feedback link is activated for participants on the CBSE training portal.
  • Participants can now submit their feedback about the session on the CBSE training portal, using the same Login ID and password credential created by the individual participant on the CBSE training portal.
  • Subsequently, E-certificate shall be generated on the CBSE Training portal and after login, participants can download the same for records and reference.
  • In case of any issue pertaining to an online training session in which you have registered, please contact to concerned CoE for quicker resolution of your queries.

Always log out after you are done with online software.

For any queries please send an email at [email protected]

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Main Objectives

  • To organize empowerment and capacity building programs at regular intervals for the teachers and principals to equip them with the competencies such as using technology tools effectively; applying appropriate pedagogic techniques to make learning process connected with real life, stress-free and joyful; improving their Life skills such as active communication skills to deal with the needs of the learners and the society effectively   
  • To carry out need analysis to plan and organize capacity building and empowerment programs for principals and teachers to ensure the effective implementation of various policies of the Board
  • To collaborate with and impanel national/international institutes of repute to provide quality teacher/principal training programs.
  • To strengthen the leadership skills, conflict resolution, interpersonal relations, and management of values and ethics to promote managerial excellence of headteachers, administrators, and managers of schools   
  • To undertake action research for the development of innovative methods, processes, and practices for improving the teaching-learning environment in schools   
  • To conduct effectively Induction, Mentoring, and Capacity Building Programmes for head and other teachers   
  • To organize National Annual Sahodaya Conferences and provide other interactive platforms for heads to freely interact   
  • To create opportunities for teachers and students to participate in conferences, summits, and exchanges for sharing

Teachers Capacity Building Program by CBSE

Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of CBSE as they play a pivotal role in the development of the country. The Board is committed to making provisions for various training programs for teachers and principals to enhance their understanding of curriculum and delivery mechanisms and other professional qualities. Through the Cascade mode, the Board selects and trains master trainers and mentors for ensuring the benefits of these programs percolate down to all the teachers and students in the schools. The training of the teachers assumes even greater significance in the wake of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009 to ensure the target achievement as per the proposed teacher-student ratio proposed in the Act.

Vision Statement

Enabling teachers to play varied and distinct roles of curriculum designer, developer/adapter of instructional materials, facilitator of curriculum transaction in schools in a child-centered manner, becoming resourceful idea generators, mentors of peer teachers, and appraiser of performances given by students in an objective and humane way.

Mission Statement Creating situations where all teachers are able to get the best possible professional preparation and support for updating their pedagogical skills which result in quality teachers for all levels of education to render optimum benefit to all students of schools affiliated to CBSE.

CBSE portal helpline number 

The helpline number of the CBSE portal at Applicants who wish to verify the helpline number of the CBSE portal can now check all helpline numbers on this page. The numbers of 2022 online training program helpline numbers are listed below for your easy view and resolution. 

The CBSE program for teachers is the foundation on which a quality education system is built. The Board tries to improve the quality of teachers through its various efforts. The Education Act 2009 emphasizes that teacher training plays an important role in the general framework of quality education. So this can be achieved by the CBSE teacher training programs

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