Types Of Light Bulbs That Will Save You Energy

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At present, due to its high price, it is very important to reduce the consumption of electricity in the home as much as possible. For this reason, in this post, we talk about the types of light bulbs that will help you achieve that goal. Do not lose detail!

What types of light bulbs save the most energy?

It is no secret to anyone that today there is a wide variety of types of light bulbs capable of working in the same way as others but with better energy efficiency. However, the market is saturated. Many manufacturers promise to be the best but for sure it is difficult to recognize the best alternative.

To help you in the process, below we present the main types of saving light bulbs available in the Spanish market:

  • Eco Halogens: These types of bulbs emit powerful light while consuming 30% less than incandescent bulbs. You will be able to see the difference at the end of the month on your electricity bill. They have a useful life of 2 thousand hours . But on the other hand, you should know that this type of lighting emits a lot of heat. Is that an advantage or disadvantage for you?
  • Compact flux: For many, they are the energy-saving light bulbs par excellence. They consume 80% less than traditional light bulbs. This is a fairly high and surprising margin. In terms of their lighting capacity, they are the types of bulbs suitable for locating indoors, but they turn on slowly and are quite fragile. Its useful life ranges from 6 to 10 thousand working hours.
  • LED: Without a doubt, this is one of the best-known types of light bulbs. They are an environmentally friendly option because they do not emit as much CO 2 as other variants. They also do not contain tungsten or mercury inside. They have a useful life of 50,000 hours and are capable of saving about 80% of the cost of incandescent bulbs. They have come to stay!

How much savings does it mean?

The types of bulbs that we present to you are gradually replacing incandescent bulbs. In fact, 86% of Spanish households have already migrated to these technologies. It is estimated that each house has more than 7 saving lamps. This is because they pay for themselves in a short time. Just by replacing a conventional 40w incandescent bulb with a 9w low consumption one. You get to save €35 throughout its useful life! Now multiply that data by the number of lights installed in your home. If you replace a 60w bulb with an 11w bulb, the savings would be €55. When you change a 75w for a 15w you will be saving another €67.

Do you need even more reasons to change too?

Which is the best?

Nowadays it is difficult to make a decision when comparing the different types of bulbs because each one is adapted to different needs. However, the vast majority of experts agree that the best light bulbs on the market are LEDs because they not only save electricity, they are also friendly to the environment!

It is true that this type of bulb has a higher acquisition cost compared to other solutions, but it all makes up for it with its excellent benefits. Among the advantages of using LED lights, it should be noted that their ignition is instantaneous and there are many options to choose from, depending on their color temperature, the type of thread or cap, power, the opening angle of the light, decorative, even adjustable in intensity. of lighting, perfect to set the spaces inside your home!

Tips to save energy on lighting

Now, when it comes to saving on lighting, you can do many more things than limit yourself to buying low-energy light bulbs. Here are some tips that you can put into practice at home or wherever you go:

  • Use the lights only when necessary: ​​If you have natural light, it is not necessary to keep the bulbs on… In addition, natural light brings multiple benefits to your health. Open the windows and enjoy it! .
  • Turn off the light bulbs that you are not using: If you go from one room to another, turn off the light bulbs that you no longer need. Make a habit of this and get used to it. Your pocket will thank you!
  • Clean the lamps: Many times the dirt interferes with the spread and intensity of the lighting emanating from the lights in your home… When the bulbs are clean, the visual quality will be much sharper.

Now you are ready to go to the market to select the best types of light bulbs for you!

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