How To Clear Recents On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet. The app offers lots of unique features, and among those features, Snapchat Recents is one of them. Each message gets deleted when the seven seconds for viewing is up. In the recent list, users will notice their friend’s name.

As they haven’t texted or snapped to them for quite some time, they might have been removed as a friend. When someone deletes a person from their friend list, their name will appear as recent.

Additionally, Recent also means the search history and other activity on Snapchat. For instance, if a user searches for another Snapchat username, it will appear as recent in Snapchat.  Furthermore, the recent chats and snaps are also included in this category.

Wondering how to delete some recent records from your Snapchat account that you don’t want to keep?

Here are some steps you can follow to clear your Snapchat recent and wipe the slate clean.

  • With your Snapchat account open, head to the My Friends page in Settings.
  • Under the Recent tab, tap on either “Snaps” or “Chats.”
  • That will bring up a list of all of the people you’ve Snapchatted or chatted with.
  • Select a message, and you’ll get options to block them or delete your entire Recent activity.

Make sure that clearing recent snaps is something you want to do because it deletes all messages from those people on your list in both Snaps and Chats.

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How to clear recent conversations on Snapchat?

There often comes a time when you want to delete a few conversations from your Snapchat because you don’t want any other person to see them, even by accident. So in this section, we’ll teach you how to get rid of your recent conversations in an instant.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on the ghost icon.

Step 2: Go to Settings and find “Account Actions.”

Step 3: From there, select “Clear Conversations.”

Step 4: If you want to delete all conversations, tap “Clear All” from the top right corner, and all your Snapchat recent will be gone.

To see if it worked, go to the Snapchat chat history; you’ll no longer see any conversations/snaps.

How to clear Snapchat recent on macOS and Windows?

  • First things first. You should use an emulator to run the Snapchat app on windows.
  • It will be disappointed for windows and macOS users as Snapchat doesn’t have a dedicated web page for its amazing UI.
  • So, I want to make things clear for you. Since you are using an emulator, things can be messy.
  • And the process will be the same. Go to Profile -> Settings -> Clear recent chat, history, selfies and lens -> click Clear.
  • If you got stuck with your emulator, then you have to turn to your android device and clear the recent and then log in using an emulator and you are good to go.

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Ways to Remove Old Lens, Selfies, and Cache Data

When it comes to removing old snaps, Snapchat will remove the Snap after it is viewed by all the recipients. In another case, if your Snap remains unopen for 30 days, then that Snap will be removed from Snapchat. And for removing the old chats in Snapchat, both the people saw the message and left the chat, all their chats will be automatically removed. One of the coolest features is you can set a time like 24 hours for removing chat history.

Winding Up

Snapchat gives you the power to record and share live videos, locate friends on an engaging map, experience augmented reality, and much more. This app also allows users to send group chats. Groups can be created while sending a Snap, or when making a new Chat. When your friends are present in a Group Chat, their name is displayed at the bottom of the Chat.

Users can tap their friends’ names to start a 1:1 Chat within the group chat. Chats sent to a Group are deleted by default after 24 hours. Snaps sent to a Group can be opened and replayed just once by each recipient. If a Snap isn’t opened, it’s deleted after 24 hours, just like Chats.

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