Samsung One Connect Box 2022: What is Samsung One Connect used for?

If you wish to keep peripherals and cables of your TV setup neatly out of sigh, a Samsung TV with a One Connect Box is for you. This accessory contains the connectors for all your devices, so you can keep the number of cables connecting to the TV to a minimum.

Samsung has rolled out a Samsung TV that has a One Connect Box. This box is an all-in-one media receiver that you can connect multimedia devices into. It helps you minimize cables and make everything less crowded, but can you buy a Samsung TV without one. Samsung on its 2022 TV range gives a small nod to the slim one connect box, calling it “an all-new cable management system that can be attached to the TV’s back that allows for an easier install and cleaner aesthetic.”

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Samsung One Connect Connections

The Samsung One Connect Cord is a nearly invisible cord similar to a fiber optic cord that brings audio, video, and power to a Samsung Frame TV.  It connects from the back of the TV to the One Connect Box as shown above. This innovative connection type allows the user to streamline and consolidate the often mess of HDMI and audio cords running to the back of many TVs. The standard One Connect Cord is 5 meters and there is an optional 15-meter One Connect Cord available as well as an In-Wall One Connect Cord.

About the Samsung One Connect Box

The One Connect Box is a separate box that has all important TV connectors. So it has multiple HDMI connectors for your console, soundbar, and the digital decoder from your TV provider. But also think of inputs for network cables, USB flash drives, and optical cables. And thanks to the compact size and modern design, you can easily blend the One Connect Box into your TV setup.

It is included with Samsung Frame TVs to provide a single connection hub for all cables in one place so the signals can be brought to the TV via a One Connect Cord. Connect all your favorite input devices such as cable boxes, Apple TV, DVD Players, and more via the following ports.

  • (4) HDMI inputs
  • (1) Optical Digital Audio Out
  • (1) Cat 5 Ethernet Port
  • (1) Coax Input
  • (3) USB Input
  • (1) Ex-Link

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Key Specifications

  • There have been a few One Connect Box iterations since its inception in 2014, sometimes even coming in an even smaller ‘Mini’ model for those wanting to make do with fewer inputs. The 2022 ‘Slim’ model is smaller than either of these, though. Samsung tells us that the new model measures in at just 41.2 x 330 x 295 mm – with 330mm being the longest edge, along which the ports and inputs are housed.
  • Apart from all these modifications, the box utilizes a thinner and translucent cable that adjusts itself with the surroundings making itself hard to be visible. The device affords connections ranging from the power cable to HDMI cable. So, you get nothing but all the clear space around your screen and you enjoy the screen, and what’s running on it, without getting your sight distracted by the cables around it.
  • This little box will help you keep the surroundings of your screen clear and concentrate on your gaming experience.
  • HDMI 2.1 ports are so common in Samsung’s TVs, and we very much expect them to include this one in their One Connect Box. However, as was mentioned earlier, Samsung mentioned the One Connect Box with their 8K TVs, so we might see the Box being optimized for these models

Modifications in 2022

In the year 2020, it was quite versatile allowing a huge range of TVs to be shipped with it. However, in 2021, the list narrowed down and, in 2022 it is expected even fewer sets of TVs will be shipped with this Box. The reason behind this as put by Samsung is its cost. Now in 2022, Samsung has decided to attach One Connect Box with its Neo QLED 8K TVs, though the range exceeded in previous years. This is due to the price hike that the customers are reluctant to pay.


The main purpose of the One Connect Box is to clear up the periphery of the TV screen and provide the customer with the enhanced and easy option of connecting wires. Having said that, there is always the option to use Samsung TVs or any TVs without One Connect Box. The spectrum of TVs for One Connect Box is shrinking year by year. However, this doesn’t define the effectiveness and benefit of the Box. Next-generation TVs might use One Connect Box as it gives a solution to the connection of wires and helps in making the surrounding of the TV screen clear of the clutter. Wireless connections are yet unstable compared to wired ones. Having mentioned that, the latest improvements in HDMI cables and their newer versions offer more clear resolutions with high frequencies.

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